How much milk should a newborn drink?

How much milk should a newborn drink? is a common question asked by new parents who have babies. This is reasonable because they are inexperienced, and the following is a guide that you can follow to answer your questions.

● For the newborn, "counting" was easy. Divide 25 oz (about 750 ml), with estimates of how many times a baby feeds in a day.

● Age: 1 day, they only need 5-7 ml milk, aka half a teaspoon of breastfeeding to drink! So if new mothers complain about how little breastfeeding comes out, so the amount needed was a newborn. So you should not need to worry.

● Age: 3 days, babies need to drink 22-27 ml.

● Age: 1 week, newborn require as many as 45-60 ml of breastfeeding in one feeding session. At this age, the baby's drink milk needs increase.

● Age: 1 month, needs about 80-150 ml. Well, at this age, usually either the mother or the child was no longer awkward to feeding. For working mothers, this is a good time to start training reddened breastfeeding, find the right method, and start storing breast milk for later abandoned work.

● After the baby is familiar with complementary feeding, which needs to be remembered by the mother is the baby still needs breastfeeding. At age 7 months, breastfeeding needs usually reaches 800 ml, or about 93 percent of the total needs of a child's nutritional intake. While the age of 11 months or older, the needs of her breast milk declined. Only about 550 ml only.

● For the toddler, should not consume more than 600-700 ml of milk per day. Excessive milk consumption can lead to constipation or even anemia due to iron deficiency. This is because the nature of milk that inhibits the absorption of iron in the body.

Well, hopefully helpful, while for the child is under five or more but do not like to drink milk, this should not be a problem. Milk nutrients can be obtained from other sources.