Newborn Temperatures Range

Baby needs extra warmth. Normal newborn temperature range is 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. For that reason infant needs to be kept warm, because the baby is easier to changes in body temperature.

You also need to know that the central body temperature regulation in the newborn has not been functioning perfectly. The baby's body was too small so can not produce and store heat, plus more, newborn generally have not been able to adjust the position of the body and clothes in order not to feel cold.

To warm and maintain body temperature in newborn, you need to and understand a number of ways. Here's how to warm up a newborn baby:

1. Place your baby in a warm room, do not air conditioned
2. Contacts / attach baby's skin with the mother's skin
3. Breastfeeding can also make your child feel warm
4. Perform maintenance with kangaroo method

Skin contact with mother, with the kangaroo care method can maintain the temperature, and prevent the newborn from the cold. The benefit of baby care with this method, in addition to providing warmth, the baby will also be more frequent feeding, lots of sleep, no fuss and infant weight gain more quickly. Mom will feel closer to the infant, the mother can remain active even while holding a newborn.

How to do it:

● Use the headgear because 25% heat loss temperature in newborn through the head.

● Hugging infant between the mother's breast with the baby face down, and like the frog leg position and the head turned to one side

● The method can be done in the kangaroo mother sleeping and resting position

● This method can be performed on the mother, father or other adult family members

● Give immediate warmth on your little infant, because infant body heat can be lost due to radiate, yawning, and creeping flow.

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